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LBS Financial
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LBS Financial
Mobile Banking App

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Send Money

We make sending money simple

Send Money via Online/Mobile
  • Transfers and recurring transfers
  • Bill Payment
  • Person-to-person payments
  • Wire transfers

Send money within Online or Mobile Banking

Our Online Banking and Mobile Banking apps make it easy to do a number of transfers, most of them completely free (there is a small charge for PayPal). Simply log in and head over to the “Send Money” section to get started.

  • Send money to friends and family with PayPal
  • Cover typical bills and set-up recurring payments with Bill Payment
  • Transfer money between your own accounts or to other Member accounts at the Credit Union

Cover large transfers at any branch

We can help you send large amounts of money at our branches through wire transfers. Any of our service reps will be happy to help you out. Smaller amounts can be transferred between financial institutions using our Online Banking.

Wire Transfer Information

Need to handle a complex transfer? Just get in touch!

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There are no limits on transfers from LBS Financial Checking accounts or lines of credit. However, Federal Regulation D limits the number of electronic transfers from Savings accounts to a maximum of six per month. This maximum includes transfers made via electronic methods, such as HomeTellerOnline Banking , and through our Call Center.

Repeating or recurring transfers are automatic transfers of the same amount of money, from one account at LBS Financial to another account. For example, from your Checking account to your auto loan or home loan. You do not have to re-enter a new transfer each month. They are a great way to make sure you never miss a monthly payment or savings goal.

These transfers can be scheduled for a variety of frequencies, including: daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

To set up a repeating transfer, click on the “Make a Transfer” button in the left toolbar of Online Banking. Select the account you want the money to come from, and then where you want the money to go to. Enter the amount, and then select "Repeating Transfer" and submit.

In Online Banking, click on "Transfers and Payments" and "Make a Transfer". Choose the account you want to withdraw from and where you want to send the money to. If you are sending to another Member, select "Another Member" under where the money is going, and enter their account number and last name. Enter the amount and submit.