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You named us “Best” for nine years straight

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Focused on serving the people of the greater Long Beach area

What’s important to us? Quite simply: you. We’re devoted to giving our Members the best deals and service, while upholding timeless values.

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We are a part of this community

Each year, we give back thousands in time, money, and resources, to build our community via a variety of highly rated local programs and charities.

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We recently switched from a national bank and the change was amazing. On the first visit, the staff knew my name! I was with the other bank for 25 years and they didn’t even know my name. LBS Financial employees are extremely helpful and treat me like family.Member since 2013

Get Educated

Not sure how to make a budget? Want to know the best ways to build your credit fast? Head over to our short educational modules to learn all the best financial tips and strategies.

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